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Blenders come in all sizes, designed for a variety of uses, from making the best cocktail blend to the demands of a serious cook and a busy kitchen. This, of course, means blenders come in a range of prices. We only supply blenders from trusted and top names companies. We look for blenders that are fast, efficient, safe and value for money. 

KitchenAid Blenders

The iconic design of these blenders makes this an attractive piece of kitchen equipment and a functional one. These are great multi-functional blenders, and the consistency they produce make your smoothies silky.

Breville Blenders

This well-known company produces competitively priced kitchen products. Their blenders are a good addition to any kitchen. From margaritas to nut-butters, these are perfect blenders to upgrade your old blender to a new one. 

Cuisinart Blenders

Attractive and powerful, Cuisinart blenders offer the smoothest of blends, even with green veggies in your smoothies. Not the cheapest option but an excellent countertop blender, you can also find immersion blenders and personal blenders in their range.

Vitamix Blenders

Named the top brand name of 2020, these powerful blenders do not come cheap but are worth the investment. These blenders can tackle jobs that you would normally use a processor for. 

Ninja Blenders

Durable, convenient and reasonably priced, Ninja blenders tick all the boxes for a good countertop blender from a home cook to a professional chef’s kitchen.

Blendtec Blenders

Don’t want stalk texture in your smoothies? These blenders are neat, powerful, but not cheap. You get durability and high-quality from all the Blendtec blenders.

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