About Us

Before our move to our online shop, we had a land-based company selling small kitchen appliances. This was a family business for many years. The latest generation decided to move the business in a different direction, online and focus on one product.

Why We Choose Blenders To Sell Online

Because we believe every kitchen, from a starter kitchen to a pro-kitchen, should have the versatile blender housed in it. From pureeing soups to making delicious and healthy smoothies, blenders are an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

What Not To use In Your Blenders

In an ideal world, both blenders and food processors in your kitchen would be great. A blender is more for liquids, but a good blender can be used for nuts and fruit, try it for homemade hummus, delicious. However, there are certain items it is advisable not to put into your blender. These include,

  • Scalding liquid – put into blenders, this can cause steam and pressure that could end up with the lid blowing off and your hot soup all over you and your kitchen.
  • Potatoes – might seem like a quick solution to getting mashed potatoes. It doesn’t work! The starch produced by the high speed will leave you with a gluey, inedible mess.
  • Coffee beans – there is better equipment for this task. Yes, a strong blender could grind them, but the grind is inconsistent, which affects the taste. The biggest problem, though, is the beans can damage your blenders’ blades.

More Information On Using Your Blenders

We provide a quarterly newsletter that includes ‘how to’ and what ‘not to do’ with your blenders. It is free to any of our visitors, and you can sign-up by giving your email address in the contact form. Don’t miss our recipe for mango, peach and ginger smoothie – once tasted never forgotten!